blue flower

Edo crest

modern dyeing

This is a classic pattern that has been around since the early days of Seika. Geometric patterns have a somewhat modern feel and have long been popular as a standard among people of all ages. Although the design depicts the "mask" which is difficult to paint on pottery, we were able to create a beautiful contrast between the two colors using a traditional Arita painting technique called dami.


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江戸紋 - 渕上り3寸皿江戸紋 - 渕上り3寸皿
Edo Crest - Fuchigari 3-inch plateφ9.3 × H2.4 cm Sale price¥2,200
江戸紋 - 丸急須江戸紋 - 丸急須
Edo Crest - Round teapotW17.5 × D15.0 × H8.0 cm Sale price¥6,600
江戸紋 - 渕上り5寸皿江戸紋 - 渕上り5寸皿
Edo Crest - Fuchigari 5-inch plateφ15.3 × H3.2 cm Sale price¥3,850
江戸紋 - 渕上り4寸皿江戸紋 - 渕上り4寸皿
Edo Crest - Fuchigari 4-inch plateφ12.4 × H2.6 cm Sale price¥3,300
江戸紋 - 湯呑(小)
Edo crest - tea cup (small)φ6.7 × H6.7 cm Sale price¥3,850
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江戸紋 - 湯呑(大)
Edo Crest - Tea Cup (Large)φ7.3 × H7.4 cm Sale price¥3,850
江戸紋 - 3.5寸丸飯碗江戸紋 - 3.5寸丸飯碗
Edo crest - 3.5 inch round rice bowlφ10.4 × H5.9 cm Sale price¥4,400
江戸紋 - 3.8寸丸飯碗江戸紋 - 3.8寸丸飯碗
Edo crest - 3.8 inch round rice bowlφ11.4 × H6.3 cm Sale price¥4,400