tasteful painting

Take on the challenge of making pottery that is both modern and traditional. Modeled after the early Imari style, it uses a cypress ash glaze made from trees native to Kyushu to recreate a moist magnetic surface. I draw a gentle dyed picture there.

Place on a plate and enjoy.

At first glance, Fukujugama's bean plates have a flat shape that reflects their purpose. Element as the name suggests. The concept is to add Japanese elements to the dining table. You can create a slightly special dining table by placing the bean plate on a simple plate and adding delicacies and salt.


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赤絵紅葉 - エレメントプレート赤絵紅葉 - エレメントプレート
Akae Momiji - Element Plateφ5.6 × H0.75 cm Sale price¥2,200
染付植栽図 (素描) - エレメントプレート染付植栽図 (素描) - エレメントプレート
Sometsuke planting drawing (drawing) - Element plateφ5.6 × H0.75 cm Sale price¥2,200
染付植栽図 (濃み) - エレメントプレート染付植栽図 (濃み) - エレメントプレート
染付植栽図 (放射) - エレメントプレート染付植栽図 (放射) - エレメントプレート
染付伊万里花 - 豆皿染付伊万里花 - 豆皿
Sometsuke Imari Flower - Mamezaraφ4.5 × H0.8 cm Sale price¥825
染付伊万里芙蓉手 - 豆皿染付伊万里芙蓉手 - 豆皿
Sometsuke Imari Fuyote - Mamezaraφ4.5 × H0.8 cm Sale price¥1,100
染付伊万里濃み - 菊豆皿染付伊万里濃み - 菊豆皿
Sometsuke Imari Darkness - Chrysanthemum Bean Plateφ4.5 × H0.8 cm Sale price¥1,100
染付伊万里山水 - 豆皿染付伊万里山水 - 豆皿
Sometsuke Imari Sansui - Mamezaraφ4.5 × H0.8 cm Sale price¥1,375

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