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Easy-to-scoop bowl

The LAKTAK series is designed to make it easier to scoop food with spoons, forks, and chopsticks. This is a series that can be used universally by everyone from children to the elderly. A simple fuchi line and a promising foreigner. Its simplicity is appealing and you won't get tired of it even if you use it every day.


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LAKTAK - bowl SLAKTAK - bowl S
LAKTAK - bowl Sφ15.0 × H4.0 cm Sale price¥4,400
LAKTAK - bowl MLAKTAK - bowl M
LAKTAK - bowl Mφ18.0 × H4.6 cm Sale price¥4,950
LAKTAK - bowl LLAKTAK - bowl L
LAKTAK - bowl Lφ21.0 × H5.2 cm Sale price¥5,500
LAKTAK - plate SLAKTAK - plate S
LAKTAK - plate Sφ18.0 × H2.5 cm Sale price¥4,400
LAKTAK - plate MLAKTAK - plate M
LAKTAK - plate Mφ21.0 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥4,950
LAKTAK - plate LLAKTAK - plate L
LAKTAK - plate Lφ24.0 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥5,500