Highly heat-retaining and durable ovenware.

BAKEWARE makes oven cooking a daily dish. It's not a special occasion dish, but a tool that you can enjoy while waiting for the oven to bake with the aroma that gradually rises.

Hot food to the table

We pursued the thickness of the fabric to achieve both heat storage and ease of handling. Although it is heavy, it retains heat well and has a shape that is easy to grip when carrying hot dishes from the oven with mittens.

Easy to wash and hygienic

In order to make it easy to wash, we have selected a shape with rounded inner corners and a glossy glaze finish that is easy to wash and can be used hygienically.

A clean white that goes well with the table, tableware, and cutlery you always use. A candy that makes the food baked in the oven look delicious. We have prepared 2 colors and 4 patterns of shapes. I also paid attention to the balance when layered.


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BAKEWARE - 101(S) - 白磁BAKEWARE - 101(S) - 白磁
BAKEWARE - 101(S) - White PorcelainW15.0 × D12.3 × H3.7 cm Sale price¥3,300
BAKEWARE - 101(S) - 飴BAKEWARE - 101(S) - 飴
BAKEWARE - 101(S) - candyW15.0 × D12.3 × H3.7 cm Sale price¥3,630
BAKEWARE - 102(M) - 白磁BAKEWARE - 102(M) - 白磁
BAKEWARE - 102(M) - White porcelainW24.0 × D12.3 × H3.7 cm Sale price¥4,620
BAKEWARE - 102(M) - 飴BAKEWARE - 102(M) - 飴
BAKEWARE - 102(M) - candyW24.0 × D12.3 × H3.7 cm Sale price¥5,060
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BAKEWARE - 103(L) - 白磁BAKEWARE - 103(L) - 白磁
BAKEWARE - 103(L) - white porcelainW22.5 × D22.5 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥12,100
BAKEWARE - 103(L) - 飴BAKEWARE - 103(L) - 飴
BAKEWARE - 103(L) - candyW22.5 × D22.5 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥13,200
BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - 白磁BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - 白磁
BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - White porcelainW34.3 × D22.5 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥18,150
BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - 飴BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - 飴
BAKEWARE - 104(LL) - CandyW34.3 × D22.5 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥19,800