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The 27cm plate is a large size for home use, but it also comes in handy when you want to serve food elegantly when you have guests as a versatile plate. It's oven-safe, so you can cook and bring hot food straight to your table. Because it is a size that is often used for knives and forks, the surface is glazed so it is difficult to get dirt or metal marks and can be kept clean for a long time. The thin and light making techniques unique to Arita ware are utilized.


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ARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro blackARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro black
ARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro blackφ27.3 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥6,160
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ARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro grayARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro gray
ARITA JIKI - plate LL kakiguro grayφ27.3 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥6,160
ARITA JIKI - plate LL whiteARITA JIKI - plate LL white
ARITA JIKI - plate LL whiteφ27.3 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥5,280
ARITA JIKI - plate LL 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - plate LL 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - plate LL recycled china clayφ27.3 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥5,500