Balancing tradition and innovation.

Opened on the site of the residence of Lee Sampyeong, the founder of Arita porcelain. Using the old pottery shards found by digging up the soil on the premises as a model, he is energetically challenging new expressions and techniques while centering on copying the classics. Collaboration with the world's top chefs is also popular.

Authentic dyeing is attractive.

Risho kiln's bean plates are painted using Arita's traditional painting method. The lines are first drawn and the gradation is created using a special brush called a dami. It is a technique that requires time and skill.


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孔雀 - 変形小皿孔雀 - 変形小皿
Peacock - modified small plateW13.1 × D9.0 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥11,000
Sold out
染付海老絵 - 3寸平小皿染付海老絵 - 3寸平小皿
Sometsuke Ebi-e - 3 inch flat plateφ9.0 × H1.0 cm Sale price¥2,750
Sold out
染付山水富士文 - 3寸平小皿染付山水富士文 - 3寸平小皿
Sometsuke Sansui Fuji Pattern - 3 inch flat plateφ9.0 × H1.0 cm Sale price¥2,090
外濃宝袋  - 3寸平小皿外濃宝袋  - 3寸平小皿
Sotono Takarabukuro - 3 inch flat plateφ9.0 × H1.0 cm Sale price¥2,200

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