Sake vessel

Good sake and good vessels. It's a fun experience that can only be found in Japan. Introducing sake-related vessels filled with traditional Arita ware techniques.


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青白結晶釉 - 注器青白結晶釉 - 注器
Turkish Blue - Kikyobuchi Oval DishW11.0 × D9.0 × H10.0 cm Sale price¥5,720
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青白磁結晶釉 - ぐい呑青白磁結晶釉 - ぐい呑
Turkish Blue - Kikyobuchi Oval Dishφ5.5 × 5.5 cm Sale price¥1,760
内外十草 - 徳利内外十草 - 徳利
Togusa inside and outside - Sake bottleW8.0 × D7.0 × H10.0 cm Sale price¥2,310
内外十草 - 盃
Togusa inside and outside - Sake cupφ6.0 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥1,320