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floor plan foreigner

This is a series of different floor plans with cute ruffled edges. A combination of vigorously drawn lines and a foreigner. The pattern is simple and the shape is a distinctive series. The overall design is thin and light, making it comfortable to use.


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間取異人 - 輪花ポット間取異人 - 輪花ポット
Floor plan foreigner - flower potW19.0 × D11.7 × H11.0 cm Sale price¥6,600
間取異人 - 輪花5.5寸サラダボール間取異人 - 輪花5.5寸サラダボール
間取異人 - 4.5寸パン皿間取異人 - 4.5寸パン皿
Floor plan different person - 4.5 inch bread plateφ14.5 × H2.9 cm Sale price¥2,750
間取異人 - 輪花6寸ケーキ皿
間取異人 - 輪花7寸スープ皿間取異人 - 輪花7寸スープ皿
間取異人 - 輪花8寸ミート皿間取異人 - 輪花8寸ミート皿
Floor Plan Ijin - Wana 8 inch meat plateφ25.3 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥6,050
間取異人 - 輪花コーヒー碗皿間取異人 - 輪花コーヒー碗皿
Matori Ijin - Rinka Coffee Bowl Plateφ7.3 × H6.0 cm Sale price¥6,050