Togusa inside and outside

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The Naigai Togusa series was born in 1976. Since then, it has been a staple item in our store for a long time. We have all the items you need for a Japanese dining table, such as bowls, teacups, plates, and teapots. Rather than being glamorous, I think that the neat appearance, thin and elegant shape and atmosphere of the prototype of Japanese tableware will match the modern Japanese dining table.


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内外十草 - 飯碗(大)内外十草 - 飯碗(大)
Naigai Jugusa - Rice Bowl (Large)φ15.0 × H6.0 cm Sale price¥2,310
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内外十草 - 飯碗(中)内外十草 - 飯碗(中)
Inside and outside Togusa - rice bowl (medium)φ13.7 × H5.5 cm Sale price¥2,090
内外十草 - 飯碗(小)内外十草 - 飯碗(小)
Naigai Jugusa - Rice bowl (small)φ12.5 × H5.1 cm Sale price¥1,980
内外十草 - ミニ飯碗内外十草 - ミニ飯碗
Inside and outside Togusa - mini rice bowlφ10.5 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥1,870
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内外十草 - 湯呑(特大)
Naigai Togusa - Yunomi (extra large)φ9.0 × H10.2 cm Sale price¥3,190
内外十草 - 湯呑(大)
Naigai Togusa - Tea Cup (Large)φ7.0 × H8.5 cm Sale price¥1,980
内外十草 - 湯呑(小)
Naigai Togusa - Teacup (small)φ6.7 × H8.0 cm Sale price¥1,980
内外十草 - つぼ仙茶
Naigai Jugusa - Tsubo Senchaφ8.2 × H6.3 cm Sale price¥1,760
内外十草 - 反仙茶
Togusa inside and outside - anti-senchaφ9.5 × H5.4 cm Sale price¥1,980
内外十草 - 汲出内外十草 - 汲出
Inner and Outer Jugusa - Pumpingφ9.0 × H7.5 cm Sale price¥3,300
内外十草 - 6号土瓶内外十草 - 6号土瓶
Inside and outside Jugusa - No. 6 clay potW17.5 × D13.0 × H11.2 cm Sale price¥4,840
内外十草 - 急須内外十草 - 急須
Naigai Togusa - TeapotW15.3 × D11.3 × H8.5 cm Sale price¥3,630
内外十草 - 6号皿内外十草 - 6号皿
Inside and outside Togusa - Plate 6φ18.0 × H3.5 cm Sale price¥2,640
内外十草 - 4号皿内外十草 - 4号皿
Inside and outside Togusa - Plate 4φ13.3 × H2.4 cm Sale price¥1,760
内外十草 - 3号皿内外十草 - 3号皿
Inside and outside Togusa - Plate 3φ9.0 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥1,320
内外十草 - 向付内外十草 - 向付
Inner and Outer Togusa - Directedφ16.0 × H6.0 cm Sale price¥3,630
内外十草 - 小鉢内外十草 - 小鉢
Inside and outside Togusa - small bowlφ12 × H4.9 cm Sale price¥2,200
内外十草 - 丸千代口内外十草 - 丸千代口
Inside and outside Jugusa - Maruchiyoguchiφ8.3 × H3.8 cm Sale price¥1,430
内外十草 - お好み碗内外十草 - お好み碗
Inside and outside Togusa - Okonomiyaki Bowlφ14.0 × H7.7 cm Sale price¥2,860
内外十草 - むし碗内外十草 - むし碗
Togusa inside and outside - Mushi bowlφ8.5 × H9.3 cm Sale price¥3,520
内外十草 - 徳利内外十草 - 徳利
Togusa inside and outside - Sake bottleW8.0 × D7.0 × H10.0 cm Sale price¥2,310
内外十草 - 盃
Togusa inside and outside - Sake cupφ6.0 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥1,320