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His most famous work is ``48 Views of Mt. Fuji,'' which he depicts on 48 small plates, incorporating Mt. Fuji into various compositions, just like ukiyo-e prints. It is characterized by bold paintings, such as Mt. Fuji on three and four sides of the plate, and Mt. Fuji hidden in the octopus arabesque and chrysanthemum pattern.

Traditional dyeing and overglazing are expressed using transfer techniques. Transferring gives the impression that it is a cheap print, but the original version of Arita porcelain transfers is printed in many layers in order to reproduce even the unevenness of the hand-painted work. This is a traditional technique, and the process of pasting it on the delicately curved vessels is difficult for amateurs, so each piece is hand-pasted by skilled craftsmen. Not only can you use it as a plate, but we also recommend using it as a decoration in your entryway or living room before the New Year. It also makes a great gift as it has auspicious crest motifs such as pine and octopus arabesque.


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赤絵四方割地紋 - 豆皿赤絵四方割地紋 - 豆皿
Akae four-sided pattern - Mamezaraφ9.4 × H2.4 cm Sale price¥2,420
色絵三方富士菊花文 - 豆皿色絵三方富士菊花文 - 豆皿
染錦蛸唐草富士山図 - 豆皿染錦蛸唐草富士山図 - 豆皿
Dyed Nishiki Octopus Arabesque Mt. Fuji - Mamezaraφ9.8 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥2,200
赤絵花弁富士図 - 丸皿赤絵花弁富士図 - 丸皿
Akae Petal Mt.Fuji - Round plateφ9.8 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥2,420
色絵若松富士山図 - 豆皿色絵若松富士山図 - 豆皿
Mt. Fuji overglaze picture - Mamezaraφ9.8 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥2,200
色絵唐草富士山図 - 豆皿色絵唐草富士山図 - 豆皿
Mt.Fuji with overglaze arabesque - Mamezaraφ9.8 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥2,200
小紋富士図 - 豆皿小紋富士図 - 豆皿
Komon Fuji - Mamezaraφ9.5 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥1,650

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