Fujimaki Pottery

Transparent bluish-white porcelain glaze

Fujimaki Seito is a pottery that specializes in making pottery using a bluish glaze called blue-white porcelain, which was opened in 1775 (Meiji 3). Speaking of blue and white porcelain, Fujimaki is said to be the most popular in Arita. Currently, Kosuke Fujimoto, his son, plays a central role in vigorously promoting Arita porcelain suitable for modern life. In a word, Mr. Fujimaki's pottery is classy. It's a bit rough to say, but it's beautiful from the base (the state before baking), which is important in pottery making. The thickness of the rim, not too thin and not too thick. Comfortable weight. And the transparent bluish-white porcelain glaze. He continues to work hard every day, preserving the production methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, and discerning what needs to be changed and what needs to be preserved. Even though the raw materials for pottery are the same, each kiln has its own method of preparation, firing method, and so on. For example, if the same pottery is fired in different kilns, the color may not develop well. Beautiful blue-white porcelain can only be fired at Fujimaki Ceramics. A vessel born in a site that requires such delicate management. It is a vessel that can be used for a long time without getting tired of it.


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青白磁しのぎ - 深鉢青白磁しのぎ - 深鉢
Celadon porcelain shinogi - deep bowlφ14.0xH4.6 cm Sale price¥2,640
青白磁しのぎ - 銘々皿青白磁しのぎ - 銘々皿
Celadon porcelain shinogi - plateφ15.3 × H3 cm Sale price¥1,980
青白磁しのぎ - 小皿青白磁しのぎ - 小皿
Blue and white porcelain shinogi - small plateφ10.5 x H1.8 cm Sale price¥1,650
青白磁 - 銀杏型手塩皿青白磁 - 銀杏型手塩皿
Blue White Porcelain - Gingko Shaped Salt PlateW10.6 × D8.3 × H1.0 cm Sale price¥1,540
白磁 - 銀杏型手塩皿白磁 - 銀杏型手塩皿
White porcelain - ginkgo type hand salt plateW10.6 × D8.3 × H1.0 cm Sale price¥1,540
青白磁結晶釉 - 銘々皿青白磁結晶釉 - 銘々皿
Blue porcelain crystal glaze - plateφ15.3 × H3 cm Sale price¥2,090
ブルー - プラティボウル(S)ブルー - プラティボウル(S)
Blue - Platy Bowl (S)W8.1 × D8.1 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,540
グリーン - プラティボウル(S)グリーン - プラティボウル(S)
Green - Platy Bowl (S)W8.1 × D8.1 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,540
ピンク - プラティボウル(S)ピンク - プラティボウル(S)
Pink - Platy Bowl (S)W8.1 × D8.1 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,540
パープル - プラティボウル(S)パープル - プラティボウル(S)
Purple - Platy Bowl (S)W8.1 × D8.1 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,540
オレンジ - プラティボウル(S)オレンジ - プラティボウル(S)
Orange - Platy Bowl (S)W8.1 × D8.1 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,540
羽しのぎ小付 - 鉄砂羽しのぎ小付 - 鉄砂
Hanashinogi small attachment - iron sandφ8.8 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,650
羽しのぎ小付 - 深瑠璃羽しのぎ小付 - 深瑠璃
Feather shinogi small attachment – ​​Shinruriφ8.8 × H3.6 cm Sale price¥1,650
羽しのぎ小付 - 飴釉羽しのぎ小付 - 飴釉
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青白磁結晶釉 - ぐい呑青白磁結晶釉 - ぐい呑
Turkish Blue - Kikyobuchi Oval Dishφ5.5 × 5.5 cm Sale price¥1,760
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青白結晶釉 - 注器青白結晶釉 - 注器
Turkish Blue - Kikyobuchi Oval DishW11.0 × D9.0 × H10.0 cm Sale price¥5,720