Authentic Arita.

While trying out a variety of pottery, we are particularly focusing on dyeing that reproduces the early Imari style. He uses the ``fuchisabi'' technique, in which iron oxide is applied to the edge of the vessel, and the ``fukizumi'' technique, in which gosu is sprinkled on the surface, to create tasteful dyed works.

Early Arita ware was this bluish. Fukuizumi Gama's small plates are attractive because they have a rich texture that resembles antiques. It has an elegant and luxurious appearance that makes you realize that it is a good vessel when you pick it up.


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染付変り絵捻り紋 - 枡型小皿染付変り絵捻り紋 - 枡型小皿
Sometsuke Wari-e Twisted Crest - Masu-Shaped Small PlateW7.1 × D7.1 × H2.5 cm Sale price¥3,300
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染付間取芙蓉手 - 木甲型千代口染付間取芙蓉手 - 木甲型千代口
Dyed floor plan Fuyote - wooden shell ChiyoguchiW8.4 × D7.9 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥3,520
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染付書き山水 - 舟型小付染付書き山水 - 舟型小付
Sometsuke-gaki Sansui - Boat-shaped Small AttachmentW7.6 × D6.0 × H3.1 cm Sale price¥3,300

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