blue flower

red haired person

Iconic blue flower pattern

Aoka's original character, the red-haired man. The motif is a pattern called kougete, which was drawn in the early Imari period. Although it is drawn in one point, it is a familiar motif that you can tell from this alone that it is a blue flower vessel.


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紅毛人 - ミルクカップ紅毛人 - ミルクカップ
red hair man - milk cupφ8.4 × H10.0 cm Sale price¥4,400
紅毛人 - ゴブレット紅毛人 - ゴブレット
Redhead - Gobletφ7.8 × H9.9 cm Sale price¥3,850
紅毛人 - マグ 子ども用紅毛人 - マグ 子ども用
Red haired person - Mug for childrenφ8.2 × H7.0 cm Sale price¥4,950
紅毛人 - 湯呑(小)紅毛人 - 湯呑(小)
Redhead - Teacup (small)φ6.7 × H6.7 cm Sale price¥3,300
紅毛人 - 湯呑(大)紅毛人 - 湯呑(大)
Redhead - Teacup (Large)φ7.3 × H7.4 cm Sale price¥3,300
紅毛人 - 3.5寸反飯碗紅毛人 - 3.5寸反飯碗
Red hair man - 3.5 inch rice bowlφ10.6 × H5.5 cm Sale price¥3,850
紅毛人 - 3.8寸反飯碗紅毛人 - 3.8寸反飯碗
Red hair man - 3.8 inch rice bowlφ11.5 × H5.8 cm Sale price¥3,850
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紅毛人 - 5寸深丼紅毛人 - 5寸深丼
Redhead - 5 inch deep bowlφ15.2 × 8.7 cm Sale price¥4,950