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Dining table utensils are also made from pottery.

Arita ware is made of various types of pottery. Not only tableware, but also products that use porcelain as a material to enrich your daily life. Arita ware was created in 1616 and has changed over time. This change is due to the spirit of trying new things without being bound by tradition.


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ARITA JIKI - dripperARITA JIKI - dripper
ARITA JIKI - dripperφ10.8 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,640
地紋丸紋 豆ちゃわん(単品)地紋丸紋 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Ground Crest Round Crest Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥3,630
ちゃわん最中 - 菊の馨 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 菊の馨 豆ちゃわん
Chawan Monaka - Kaoru Kiku Mame Chawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥4,620
ARITA JIKI - juicerARITA JIKI - juicer
ARITA JIKI - juicerφ8.5 × H5 cm Sale price¥1,760
李朝釉 豆ちゃわん(単品)李朝釉 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Lee Chao Glaze Bean Chawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥1,980
水玉 豆ちゃわん(単品)水玉 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Polka dot Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥2,750
菊の馨 豆ちゃわん(単品)菊の馨 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Kiku no Kaoru Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥2,750
染付芙蓉手 豆ちゃわん(単品)染付芙蓉手 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Sometsuke Fuyote Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥3,080
雲赤花彫 豆茶わん(単品)雲赤花彫 豆茶わん(単品)
Cloud red flower carving bean tea bowlφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥3,080
青磁ブラスト 豆茶わん(単品)青磁ブラスト 豆茶わん(単品)
Celadon blast bean tea bowlφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥2,750
黒柚子全金塗 豆ちゃわん(単品)黒柚子全金塗 豆ちゃわん(単品)
Black yuzu all gold coated Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥3,080
ちゃわん最中 - 水玉 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 水玉 豆ちゃわん
Chawan Monaka - Polka Dot Mame Chawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥4,620
ちゃわん最中 - 李朝釉 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 李朝釉 豆ちゃわん
Chawan Monaka - Lee Chao Glaze Bean Chawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥3,850
ちゃわん最中 - 地紋丸紋 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 地紋丸紋 豆ちゃわん
ちゃわん最中 - 雲赤花彫 豆茶わんちゃわん最中 - 雲赤花彫 豆茶わん
Chawan Monaka - Unakakabori Bean Chawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥4,950
ちゃわん最中 - 黒柚子全金塗 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 黒柚子全金塗 豆ちゃわん
ちゃわん最中 - 染付芙蓉手 豆ちゃわんちゃわん最中 - 染付芙蓉手 豆ちゃわん
Chawan Monaka - Sometsuke Fuyote Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥4,950
ちゃわん最中 - 青磁ブラスト 豆茶わんちゃわん最中 - 青磁ブラスト 豆茶わん
Chawanmonaka - Celadon Blast Mamechawanφ6×H3.2cm Sale price¥4,620
ARITA JIKI - dripper 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - dripper 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - dripper recycled china clayφ10.8 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,860
ARITA JIKI - juicer 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - juicer 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - juicer recycled china clayφ8.5 × H5 cm Sale price¥1,980
格子 - 醤油差し格子 - 醤油差し
Lattice - soy sauce dispenserW7.0 ​​× D10.5 × H7.0 cm Sale price¥2,420
みじん唐草 - 醤油差しみじん唐草 - 醤油差し
Minced Karakusa - Soy Sauce DispenserW7.0 ​​× D10.5 × H7.0 cm Sale price¥2,420
渕地紋 - 醤油差し渕地紋 - 醤油差し
Fuchi Crest - Soy Sauce DispenserW10.7 × D8.4 × H9.5 cm Sale price¥2,420
内外十草 - むし碗内外十草 - むし碗
Togusa inside and outside - Mushi bowlφ8.5 × H9.3 cm Sale price¥3,520