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Using clay, glazes, and paints developed in-house, we have developed a dyeing brand called ``Aoka'' with lovely patterns. You can often see designs of Dutch people and trading ships, which are arrangements of the traditional pattern ``Benimojin.'' There is also the ``Aoka Takumi'' brand created by traditional craftsmen.

Aohana brand has been in existence for over 50 years. The boat-shaped small bowl has a familiar foreigner motif, and is a small deep bowl that is easy to fit even for those who are new to Aoka, and can be used for various purposes such as storing sauce. The Takumi series drawn by traditional craftsmen are slightly larger plates, so they can be used as small plates rather than small plates.


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染錦(黄)稲穂 - 輪花小皿染錦(黄)稲穂 - 輪花小皿
染錦(緑)稲穂 - 輪花小皿染錦(緑)稲穂 - 輪花小皿
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染錦(朱)稲穂 - 輪花小皿染錦(朱)稲穂 - 輪花小皿
パイプ異人 - 舟型小付パイプ異人 - 舟型小付
Pipe alien - with boat-shaped smallW9.9 × D7.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price$12.00
マント異人 - 舟型小付マント異人 - 舟型小付
Cloak foreigner - boat-shaped accessoryW9.9 × D7.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price$12.00
Sold out
オランダ船 - 舟型小付オランダ船 - 舟型小付
Dutch ship - with boat-shaped small boatW9.9 × D7.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price$12.00
カール紅毛人 - 舟型小付カール紅毛人 - 舟型小付
Curly red haired person - boat-shaped accessoryW9.9 × D7.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price$12.00
後姿 - 舟型小付後姿 - 舟型小付
Rear view - with boat-shaped accessoryW9.9 × D7.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price$12.00

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"Aoka" is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This is a long-selling brand that has been involved in product planning since its inception and has been working with us ever since.