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Western style Japanese tableware

The Glass Ijin series is characterized by the contrast between the patterns seen on Western tableware and the shapes of Japanese tableware. I feel an indescribable loveliness in the expression of a foreigner who is filled with a glass of promise.


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グラス異人 - 桔梗渕 8寸ミート皿グラス異人 - 桔梗渕 8寸ミート皿
Glass foreigner - Kikyobuchi 8 inch meat plateφ23.7 × H3.2 cm Sale price¥6,600
グラス異人 - 桔梗渕6寸ケーキ皿グラス異人 - 桔梗渕6寸ケーキ皿
Glass foreigner - Kikyobuchi 6-inch cake plateφ18.0 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥4,400
グラス異人 - 桔梗渕5寸パン皿グラス異人 - 桔梗渕5寸パン皿
Glass foreigner - Kikyobuchi 5 inch bread plateφ15.0 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥3,300
グラス異人 - 桔梗渕6.5寸スープ皿グラス異人 - 桔梗渕6.5寸スープ皿
Glass foreigner - Kikyobuchi 6.5 inch soup plateφ19.8 × H5.0 cm Sale price¥4,950
グラス異人 - 丸耳付グラタン碗皿グラス異人 - 丸耳付グラタン碗皿
Glass foreigner - gratin bowl with round earsW14.1 × D11.8 × H4.8 cm Sale price¥6,050