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Drink tea from a teapot. You can enjoy delicious green tea for the amount of time and effort you put into it. The Aoka teapot is carefully hand-painted. All come with metal nets, making cleaning up convenient.


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唐草異人 - 輪花ポット唐草異人 - 輪花ポット
Arabesque alien - flower potW19.0 × D11.7 × H11.0 cm Sale price¥7,150
間取異人 - 輪花ポット間取異人 - 輪花ポット
Floor plan foreigner - flower potW19.0 × D11.7 × H11.0 cm Sale price¥6,600
江戸紋 - 丸急須江戸紋 - 丸急須
Edo Crest - Round teapotW17.5 × D15.0 × H8.0 cm Sale price¥6,600