hibi-terra series

cut out the colors of nature

The deep green that can be seen in the mountains with rich gradation. The color of the pebbles picked up on the river bed. Natural porcelain color with less refinement. Arita's nature, its beauty. The terra series was inspired by the nature of Arita and was born with usability in mind. Its appearance blends in with your life, makes your food stand out, and brings a natural color to your dining table.


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terra - square plate naturalterra - square plate natural
terra - square plate naturalW23.0 × D23.0 × H3.3 cm Sale price¥3,300
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terra - square plate greenterra - square plate green
terra - square plate greenW23.0 × D23.0 × H3.3 cm Sale price¥3,850
terra - oval plate naturalterra - oval plate natural
terra - oval plate naturalW27.0 × D21.0 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥3,300
terra - oval plate greenterra - oval plate green
terra - oval plate greenW27.0 × D21.0 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥3,850
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terra - plate M naturalterra - plate M natural
terra - plate M naturalφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥2,530
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terra - plate M greenterra - plate M green
terra - plate M greenφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥2,860
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terra - plate M grayterra - plate M gray
terra - plate M grayφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥2,860
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terra - plate S naturalterra - plate S natural
terra - plate S naturalφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥1,760
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terra - plate S greenterra - plate S green
terra - plate S greenφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥2,090
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terra - plate S grayterra - plate S gray
terra - plate S grayφ22.0 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥2,090
terra - mug natural
terra - mug natural φ9.3 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,640
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terra - mug green
terra-mug green φ9.3 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,970
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terra - mug gray
terra-mug gray φ9.3 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,970