Arita ware for everyday use

Our goal is to create tableware that ordinary people can easily buy and use on a daily basis. We create tasteful dyed tableware that values ​​the warmth of hand-painted work. His natural approach to making pottery without any worries is what makes him so appealing.

Koyo Gama's miniature plates are very popular among the Kenshai series due to their gentle decoration and affordable prices. It's so cute that you can't help but get your hands on it, and it's often bought in bulk with different designs.


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錦剣先小花 - 菊割豆皿錦剣先小花 - 菊割豆皿
Nishiki sword tip florets - Chrysanthemum split bean plateW10.7 × D8.4 × H9.5 cm Sale price¥1,320
ゴスサビ十草 - リム楕円豆皿ゴスサビ十草 - リム楕円豆皿
Gossabi Togusa - Rim Oval MamezaraW8.0 × D7.5 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥1,320
染錦丸紋つなぎ - 楕円豆皿染錦丸紋つなぎ - 楕円豆皿
Somenishiki Marumon Tsunagi - Oval MamezaraW8.6 × D6.6 × H2.2 cm Sale price¥1,320
濃小花 - 菊割豆皿濃小花 - 菊割豆皿
Kobana - Chrysanthemum split bean plateφ7.7 × 2.6 cm Sale price¥1,320
染付なすび - 楕円豆皿染付なすび - 楕円豆皿
Sometsuke Eggplant - Oval MamezaraW8.6 × D6.6 × H2.2 cm Sale price¥1,320
うずめだか - 丸小付うずめだか - 丸小付
Uzumedaka - with round smallφ7.6 × 3.0 cm Sale price¥1,320

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