Exploring the possibilities of pottery

Among Arita ware, the pottery made in Ureshino City is locally called ``Hizen Yoshida ware.'' 224 porcelain is a brand that was launched with the desire to create fans of Hizen Yoshida ware. We explore new possibilities for pottery by facing the materials.

Mr. Tsuji enjoys making things with free ideas, such as small plates that look simple at first glance but can be used to serve soy sauce and food, and unique rice ball-shaped plates that look like seaweed when poured with soy sauce. I am impressed by the many possibilities that pottery has as a material.


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おにぎり - whiteおにぎり - white
rice ball - whiteW11.6 × D9.5 × H1.5 cm Sale price¥1,210
ふぶき - 9.5cm皿ふぶき - 9.5cm皿
Fubuki - 9.5cm plateφ9.5 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥990
nashiji - 白磁 - プレート(S)nashiji - 白磁 - プレート(S)
nashiji - white porcelain - plate (S)W10.5 × D10.5 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥990
nashiji - バニラ - プレート(S)nashiji - バニラ - プレート(S)
nashiji - Vanilla - Plate (S)W10.5 × D10.5 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥1,210
nashiji - セサミ - プレート(S)nashiji - セサミ - プレート(S)
nashiji - Sesame - Plate (S)W10.5 × D10.5 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥1,210

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