porcelain like pottery

We develop our own pottery clay and glazes, pursuing a unique style of Arita ware that differs from traditional styles. In order to use natural resources effectively, we are challenging new methods of expression, such as pulverizing broken fabric and using it as raw material for paint, and refining low-grade pottery stone in-house.

You can put condiments on it or put a bite of food on it. Although this plate was originally made for Japanese restaurants, it is a very popular plate that can be used widely at home. The carefully selected glaze has an indescribable taste and is wonderful.


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変わり掛分 - 三組小付変わり掛分 - 三組小付
Changed Kakebun - Sangumi KozukeW13.8 × D10.3 × H2.7 cm Sale price¥1,485
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晶金ひとかすり - 三組小付晶金ひとかすり - 三組小付
A touch of crystal gold - with three small setsW13.8 × D10.3 × H2.7 cm Sale price¥1,485
白磁巻文 - 四組小付白磁巻文 - 四組小付
White Porcelain Scrolls - Yotsugumi SmallW13.7 × D13.7 × H2.7 cm Sale price¥1,650
Sold out
天目抜巻文 - 二組小付天目抜巻文 - 二組小付
Tenmokuki scroll - two sets of smallW6.1 × D11.5 × H2.8 cm Sale price¥1,155

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