Arrange classic patterns

A famous “soba choko” pottery that has gained tremendous popularity and trust from soba shops nationwide. 1400 types of soba choko cups have been produced so far! Mamezara also has a fun sense of sometsuke painting, which is a unique arrangement of classic patterns.

Careful work that you can understand when you pick it up

Mamezara of Keizan kiln has a chrysanthemum shape with traditional patterns of octopus arabesque and peonies. It is drawn by hand through the time-consuming process of drawing lines and darkening (dami), which are the characteristics of Arita porcelain. The cuteness in the bitterness is attractive.


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錦牡丹 - 菊型3寸小皿錦牡丹 - 菊型3寸小皿
染付外濃蛸唐草山水 - 菊型3寸小皿染付外濃蛸唐草山水 - 菊型3寸小皿
染付蛸唐草松竹梅 - 3寸小皿染付蛸唐草松竹梅 - 3寸小皿
染付芙蓉見込草花 - 菊型3寸小皿染付芙蓉見込草花 - 菊型3寸小皿
染付牡丹 - 菊型3寸小皿染付牡丹 - 菊型3寸小皿

Kinshai Arita Mamezara Travelogue

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