Original product development and OEM for Arita made

At Realita, we mainly assist companies in developing original products. We create the ceramics that our customers want with the quality and flexible attitude that can only be achieved because of the Arita porcelain production system of small-variety production.

OEM service

Custom order

Custom orders that utilize existing shapes


OEM by silk screen printing

Using the silkscreen transfer technique, we can put logos and patterns on the products we handle. A variety of expressions can be achieved by using "undercoating" drawn under the glaze layer and "overlay" drawn on the glaze layer. We also handle hand pasting by creating transfer paper and pad printing for mass production. By making a plate based on the data, it is possible to reproduce a more accurate design. Recommended for branded products and novelties.
* Supported data: Illustrator (ai), PDF, JPEG. Paper media is also acceptable.


OEM with original glaze

You can develop original products by using the products we handle and mixing glazes that match your desired color and texture. Since the existing mold is used, there is no initial cost. Recommended for creating original products at low cost.


OEM by hand painting

Using the products we handle, we will hand-paint your desired pattern. The horse mackerel unique to hand-painting and the fact that each one has a different expression are also attractive. Unlike silkscreen transfer, there is no plate charge, but the unit price per piece may be high for detailed painting. Depending on the design, we recommend silkscreen transfer.

Full order

Full order by original design


OEMs that develop new things from scratch

Based on the drawings we receive, we can develop original products in terms of shape, color, etc. Realita has introduced 3D CAD software, and it is also possible to use NC cutting machines for more precise mold molding. In addition, it is also possible to develop with a partner designer for those who "have an idea but can't give it a shape" (separate fee). We respond flexibly to manufacturing that makes use of ceramic materials.

The whole production area is our factory

Realita manufactures products from the standpoint of a wholesaler, so our factory can be said to represent the entire production area. There are techniques and genres that each potter is good at. We match the most suitable potteries by taking into account the quality and price, taking advantage of our many years of experience in knowing the individuality of each pottery. We will help you with manufacturing with the best system.

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Inquiries about OEM

Please contact us with your desired item, budget, delivery date, approximate quantity, etc.