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Toribachi is essential for hot pot dishes

Introducing a ladle that is easy to hold and use when serving juicy dishes. The wide mouth and deep shape make it a convenient size for serving main dishes such as pasta and risotto, rather than as a serving bowl. Please find a pot with the atmosphere you like, such as a cute glazed one or a dark dyed one.


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Sherbet gray - 輪花平鉢Sherbet gray - 輪花平鉢
Sherbet gray - Rinka Hirabachiφ18.0 × H4.8 cm Sale price¥3,740
オリーブ - 輪花平鉢オリーブ - 輪花平鉢
Olive - Rinka Hirabachiφ18.0 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥3,740
キャラメル - 輪花平鉢キャラメル - 輪花平鉢
Caramel - Rinka Hirabachiφ18.0 × H4.5 cm Sale price¥3,740
青白磁しのぎ - 深鉢青白磁しのぎ - 深鉢
Celadon porcelain shinogi - deep bowlφ14.0xH4.6 cm Sale price¥2,640
染付花弁十草 - 多用鉢染付花弁十草 - 多用鉢
染付花弁十草 - 小鉢染付花弁十草 - 小鉢
Sometsuke Petal Togusa - Small bowlΦ12.5xH4.5 cm Sale price¥2,420