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One of the kiln companies that operates modern tunnel kilns that were built during the period of high economic growth. While specializing in tableware for commercial use, we are developing unique tableware based on the themes of "layering" and "dividing" in order to propose a new food culture.

A bean plate with an easy-to-understand motif that can be seen at a glance. Not only is it cute, but it's also deep enough to be used properly, allowing you to serve food. Did you know? Rabbits can only move forward, so it's an auspicious motif. Arita ware is often used on special occasions, and is characterized by its many auspicious motifs such as auspicious patterns.


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筋斗雲 - 雲豆小皿筋斗雲 - 雲豆小皿
Kintoun - cloud bean small plateW9.5 × D6.5 × H2.0 cm Sale price¥1,980
白マット - 桜豆皿白マット - 桜豆皿
White Mat - SakuramamezaraW8.6 × D6.5 × H3.0 cm Sale price¥1,540
染濃淡 - 葉型三種皿染濃淡 - 葉型三種皿
Dyed Density - Leaf-Shaped Three PlatesW11.4 × D10.5 × H2.8 cm Sale price¥1,980
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染朱濃十草 - 豆付豆皿染朱濃十草 - 豆付豆皿
Some vermilion dark grass - Mamezara with beansW7.6 × D7.2 × H2.9 cm Sale price¥2,200
月うさぎ - うさぎ豆小皿月うさぎ - うさぎ豆小皿
Moon Rabbit - Rabbit Beans Small PlateW7.2 × D10 × H2.4 cm Sale price¥1,980
古染波 - 千鳥豆小皿古染波 - 千鳥豆小皿
Kosomenami - Chidori Beans Small PlateW8.7 × D7.1 × H2.4 cm Sale price¥1,980

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