Bring celebration to your table.

He specializes in making modified bean plates with motifs of auspicious patterns such as pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms, and cranes and turtles, which are used in hotels, inns, and restaurants. These vessels, which look great on special occasions such as New Year's and banquets, have been a long-selling item for 20 years.

What should I serve? It is the freedom of the user. We also recommend using it to display accessories or decorate your living room as interior decoration. It has gorgeous colors typical of Arita ware. Sounds good. It will make you feel brighter.


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亀 - 珍味亀 - 珍味
Turtle - delicacyW7.4 × D4.9 × H2.9 cm Sale price¥2,420
鶴 - 珍味鶴 - 珍味
Crane - a delicacyW8.3 × D5.6 × H3.7 cm Sale price¥2,420
竹型 - 小付竹型 - 小付
Bamboo type - SmallW4.5 × D4.5 × H3.8 cm Sale price¥2,750
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梅型 - 小付梅型 - 小付
Plum type - smallW4.9 × D4.9 × H3.2 cm Sale price¥2,750
松型 - 小付松型 - 小付
Pine type - SmallW5.6 × D4.5 × H3.5 cm Sale price¥2,750

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