recycled china clay

Earth friendly

Pottery that has been popped during the manufacturing process. Raw materials with few uses. We have independently developed recycled china clay that combines the two.

This is the completion of the new ARITA JIKI series made from environmentally friendly materials.

White that gently blends into your daily life

A pure white container is not necessarily beautiful. This ARITA JIKI is a warm white color that allows you to feel the material of china clay. If you look closely, you can see iron powder (sunspots), but these are ingredients contained in china clay that naturally appear on the surface.

Select and arrange the food

Available in 4 sizes: LL and L sizes that allow you to enjoy large plates, M size that can be used for rice bowls, and S size that is convenient for portioning or cooking small amounts. You can also use the oven and microwave, so you can cook it and bring it straight to your table.

Without worrying about the metallic sound of cutlery

The smooth surface with glass glaze allows you to enjoy your meals stress-free without worrying about the metallic noise of cutlery. In addition, the surface is easy to clean and does not get dirty, which is a great feature for everyday use.

Can be cooked according to size. You can also store it with a lid

By using different sizes, you can make the ingredients smaller for children, and change the seasoning and hardness. Also, if you use ARITA JIKI - plate as a lid, you can store it as it is.

For everyday life

Plates, bowls, and mugs of each size stack neatly on top of each other, allowing you to store them neatly even if you have enough utensils for each person. It can meet a variety of needs such as microwave ovens, ovens, and dishwashers. Please try ARITA JIKI when you can take a break.



Development of recycled clay

In order not to waste finite resources, we crush and reuse unsaleable B products produced during the manufacturing process. In addition, for the first time in the production area, we have developed recycled ceramic clay with a rich texture that is blended with iron-rich pottery stone, which is rarely used for Arita ware, which requires whiteness.

Environmental Initiatives


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13 products

ARITA JIKI - plate LL 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - plate LL 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - plate LL recycled china clayφ27.3 × H2.3 cm Sale price¥5,500
ARITA JIKI - plate L 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - plate L 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - plate L recycled china clayφ23.2 × H2.1 cm Sale price¥4,180
ARITA JIKI - plate M 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - plate M 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - plate M recycled china clayφ18.5 × H1.4 cm Sale price¥2,750
ARITA JIKI - plate S 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - plate S 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - plate S recycled china clayφ13.6 × H1.7 cm Sale price¥1,650
ARITA JIKI - bowl LL 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - bowl LL 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - bowl LL recycled china clayφ27.0 × H7.7 cm Sale price¥8,030
ARITA JIKI - bowl L 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - bowl L 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - bowl L recycled china clayφ22.7 × H5.9 cm Sale price¥4,950
ARITA JIKI - bowl M 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - bowl M 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - bowl M recycled china clayφ18.5 × H8.0 cm Sale price¥3,300
ARITA JIKI - bowl S 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - bowl S 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - bowl S recycled china clayφ13.6 × H5.3 cm Sale price¥1,870
ARITA JIKI - mug 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - mug 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - mug recycled china clayW10.7 × D8.4 × H9.5 cm Sale price¥3,080
ARITA JIKI - tea mug 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - tea mug 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - tea mug recycled china clayW10.7 × D8.4 × H8.5 cm Sale price¥2,860
ARITA JIKI - dripper 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - dripper 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - dripper recycled china clayφ10.8 × H7.3 cm Sale price¥2,860
ARITA JIKI - juicer 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - juicer 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - juicer recycled china clayφ8.5 × H5 cm Sale price¥1,980
ARITA JIKI - mini plate 再生陶土ARITA JIKI - mini plate 再生陶土
ARITA JIKI - mini plate recycled china clayφ8.5 × H1.3 cm Sale price¥1,650


Tableware that you want to use all the time in your life

mug & tea mug & tool

Accessories used in combination with beautifully layered mugs

plate & bowl

It overlaps beautifully and is hard to break. A life vessel that can also be used in the oven

pot dish

Beautiful tableware that can be used over an open fire or in an oven


A collection of craftsmanship techniques.

The ARITAJIKI series is created through the cooperation of professionals in various fields, such as design, molding, mold making, soil preparation, firing, and painting. A simple step to make the edge sharper by applying a planer. The senses and techniques cultivated over a long period of time are continuously utilized in the minimal shape.