Wrapping service

Wrapped in Realita Ceramics Store original wrapping paper for gift-giving

How about Arita ware as a gift for your loved ones? We also accept large orders such as wedding favors and corporate gifts.

When ordering, you can select the wrapping details on the payment screen. It will be carefully wrapped in Realita's original wrapping paper with a ceramic stone motif. We will choose the most suitable one according to the capacity of your luggage.

Wrapping service is provided free of charge.

Wrapping service

About Noshi

If you need a noshi hanging for a present or an elaborate gift, you can use it for free. When ordering, please specify in the notes section that you would like Noshi. Please feel free to contact us regarding usage, inner noshi, outer noshi, etc.

bow knot

Congratulations / Thank you / Birth celebration / Year-end gift / Midsummer gift

Bowknots mean that they can be undone quickly and re-tied many times, so they are used for situations that bring joy no matter how many times they are tied. It is also used for general auspicious occasions other than weddings, such as baby gifts, family gifts, thank-you gifts, and seasonal greetings such as mid-year gifts and year-end gifts.

Knot cutter

Longevity / Celebration / Wedding Celebration / Family Celebration / Cheerful Celebration

It is used for one-time celebrations because it means "once tied, it cannot be untied." Mainly used for weddings. It is used for condolence-related occasions, to express sympathy for those injured or ill, to celebrate a complete recovery, to pray for disasters, etc., with the hope that it will never happen again.

Buddha's Noshi

Spirit / In front of Goryo / In front of Gobutsu / Inquiry

Even at funerals, ``Musubikiri'' with the color of Mizuhiki is used without Noshi.

Please specify overwriting according to your usage. If you would like to write your name, please contact us using the request form with your last name or full name (joint names are also possible). If neither Inner Noshi nor Soto Noshi is specified, we will accept Soto Noshi.

Containers to give to loved ones


Realita will make suggestions for various gift occasions.

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