tofu and corn risotto

Today's lunch is a healthy risotto made with tofu. I used a sherbet gray flower pot from Koyo Gama. The good thing about this vessel is that it is thin, light and comfortable to hold, and the si...


New color release of Namida Tsubo

A new color has been released for the popular Namida Tsubo. The ink stains through the small incisions, creating an unintentionally natural pattern that shines coolly and looks cool for adults. Un...


Lucky plate from Fukujugama

A wonderful plate has been completed by Fukujugama, who is good at painting with rich texture. As the name suggests, auspicious plates are hand-painted with auspicious designs that have been passe...


A form of memory that blends into daily life

A porcelain pet urn. Someone who makes you want to talk to her. It has a lovely yet tranquil appearance that blends into your daily life while immersing you in memories of days gone by. Dogs and c...