Peacock - modified small plate

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Risho Kiln strives every day to create pottery that conveys the warmth of human hands. Arita ware from the 1600s, the so-called ``early Imari'' era, was different from modern Arita ware, which sought high quality products, but although it was made of porcelain, it did not ash or warp, and you could feel the warmth of the maker. It was something that could be done. In pursuit of the atmosphere of that time, they use uniquely mixed glazes and paints to create vessels that have a somewhat nostalgic feel. This plate was made in the early Imari period, so the teal color has been faithfully reproduced. The brush strokes are so strong that at first glance you might think they are transcriptions. If you look closely, you will notice that each one is different.

  • Size: W13.1 x D9.0 x H2.3 cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Remarks: Dishwasher 〇 / Microwave oven 〇

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