Gossabi Togusa - Rim Oval Mamezara

Sale price¥1,320

Koyogama's pottery can be said to be the ace of Kinshai Mamezara. Mr. and Mrs. Maeda, young craftsmen in Arita, are working hard to make pottery with their husband and wife, making Arita ware that can be used without feeling overwhelmed with the theme of Arita ware that suits their lives. Koyo's rough painting is drawn on a small plate, but each one has Koyo's taste, so even if you buy different types, you will have a strange sense of unity. The ease of purchase of 1000 yen one price is also a selling point.

  • Size: W8.0 × D7.5 × H2.3cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Remarks: Dishwasher 〇 / Microwave 〇

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