Cloud red flower carving bean tea bowl

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This Mamechawan is made by Kaiyama Pottery, which mainly specializes in commercial pottery. Each piece is hand-carved with uneven surface motifs of petals, giving it a tasteful look. After carving, the red painting is wrapped with a brush to complete the work. It has a very elaborate design. It will be placed in a special package for Mamechawan. Recommended as a gift.

  • Size: φ6 x H3.2cm
  • Kiln: Kaiyama Pottery
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Notes: Oven × / Dishwasher ◯ / Microwave ◯

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Recommended as a gift

Chawan Monaka x Flags

A collaboration between Arita's famous confectionery "Chawan Monaka" and "Flags", which is made up of seven Arita ware and Hizen Yoshida ware potteries. The techniques and individuality of each kiln that have been cultivated throughout history have been applied and expressed in the world of a small chawan.

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