Chawan Monaka - Sometsuke Fuyote Mamechawan

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The motif is a motif from Jingdezhen (China) where it was fired in the 1600s, and the dyeing gives it a gentle impression that gives you the nuances that Fuzhu Kiln is known for. You can choose from a set with Chawan Monaka or a single item of Mame Chawan. Each will be placed in its own package. Recommended as a gift.

〈Sometsuke Fuyote Mamechawan〉

    • Size: φ6 x H3.2cm
    • Kiln origin: Fukujugama
    • Texture: Smooth
    • Notes: Oven × / Dishwasher ◯ / Microwave ◯

〈Chawan Monaka (5 pieces)〉

    • 5 sets of Monakatane (5 bowls, 5 lids) / 1 bottled bean paste (175g of crushed bean paste)
    • Ingredients: [Makapi] Glutinous rice (domestic) [Bean paste] Sugar, red bean, starch syrup, agar
    • Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
    • After opening the bottle, it must be refrigerated (below 10℃) and can be stored for one week.

*Please note: This product is susceptible to impact and is extremely easy to break. We do our best to package the item, but depending on shipping conditions, the middle of the item may break. Please note.

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Recommended as a gift

Chawan Monaka x Flags

A collaboration between Arita's famous confectionery "Chawan Monaka" and "Flags", which is made up of seven Arita ware and Hizen Yoshida ware potteries. The techniques and individuality of each kiln that have been cultivated throughout history have been applied and expressed in the world of a small chawan.

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