Mt.Fuji with overglaze arabesque - Mamezara

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While there are many simple vessels, I think the ones with intricate decorations feel fresh. I dug up the painting archive that had been dormant in Tsuji's kiln for a long time and created a new composition. That motif. Actually, it's Mt. Fuji. In recent years, we have seen many motifs of Mt. Fuji, which is registered as a World Heritage Site and is the face of Japan, but if you look closely, you will notice that Mt. Fuji is new. Traditional dyeing and overglazing are expressed using transfer techniques. Transferring gives the impression that it is a cheap print, but the original version of Arita porcelain transfers is printed in many layers in order to reproduce even the unevenness of the hand-painted work. Transferring is a traditional technique, and the process of applying it to the delicately curved vessels is difficult for amateurs, so each piece is hand-pasted by skilled craftsmen. Not only can you use it as a plate, but we also recommend using it as a decoration in your entryway or living room before the New Year. It also makes a great gift as it has auspicious crest motifs such as pine and octopus arabesque.

  • Size: φ9.5 × H1.7 cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Remarks: Dishwasher 〇 / Microwave oven 〇

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