Italian Pewter - Kikuwari Small Plate

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The ace of Kinsai mamezara along with Koyogama. Although it is simple, the glaze is made with a rich texture that gives it a warm feel. The modern atmosphere that can be used in both Japanese and Western styles has been very well received. Pewter, which is the most popular among them, means tin, but when it is fired, it loses its color to the underlying glaze and produces only a dull color. Therefore, each piece is polished by hand, giving it a unique luster. The name comes from the fact that Holland was inspired by Dutch Delft ware. Speaking of Italy, there is actually a series called France, but when you say Netherlands and France, you can feel the author's sense of playfulness in naming them.

  • Size: φ10.8 × H2.2 cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Remarks: Dishwasher △ / Microwave ×

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