peto-dog (ear tag) blown

Sale price¥19,800

The dogs and cats painstakingly created by a sculptor have a design that blends into your daily life with a cute yet tranquil appearance. The part that stores bones and the body are separate, making it easy to clean. Delivered with care in a wooden package.

  • Size: W12.0 x D9.3 x H13.5 cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Accessories: peto body, bone holder

option: Single item

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A form of memory that blends into daily life


A porcelain pet urn. A presence that makes you want to talk to her. It has a lovely yet tranquil appearance that blends into your daily life while immersing you in memories of days gone by. Dogs and cats created with great care by a modeling artist. We paid special attention to the glaze and created a finish that brings out the texture of ceramics.

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