Tear pot - Chamfered gourd type - Suminyu

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A new color was born from the depths.

The ink flows into the small cracks on the surface, giving it a completely different look than the traditional Namida tsubo. It is said to have been used in ancient Rome to hold tears shed from sadness. I included the tears shed by my wife thinking about her husband who was going off to war. But at the same time, it was also a vessel to catch tears of joy. The lovely shape is modeled after the vases fired in Arita from the early Imari period in the 1600s. The small but impressive vase will add a wonderful touch to your daily life, even with flowers picked from the wild.
*Each piece has a different expression, such as the way the penetration is made and the way the ink is stained. Please refrain from returns or exchanges due to differences in appearance or browning color.

  • Size: φ3.6 × H6.5 cm
  • Texture: Smooth

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