kuppi - potion mug

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For the hibi "kuppi" series, we dug up the stamps that have been dormant since ancient times in the Takiyo kiln in Arita, changed the stamping method, paint, and texture, and reconstructed them to create a modern design. A stamp shop hand-carves the completed pattern design into a stamp, and a craftsman at the pottery stamps each stamp by hand with a rust glaze. The hand-drawn design is carved by hand and pressed by hand. Due to these three stages of manual work, "variations" occur. hibi considers the ``variations'' that occur due to nature, people, the characteristics of pottery, and work as ``good''. The glaze is not pure white, but beige, and has a richly expressive texture like a quail egg. As a result, a new and nostalgic tableware was born that has the strength and lightness of porcelain, and is comparable to ceramics.

  • Size: W9.3 x D11.0 x H7.3 cm
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Notes: Dishwasher ◯ / Microwave ◯

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