Red-painted fuchidori - with mokko small

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Koyang Kiln was opened in 1947. At that time, the company mainly produced sake vessels. An attitude that hasn't changed since then. I want to make tableware for everyday use that is necessary for daily life, mainly using indigo and white vessels. We aim to create pottery that naturally blends into your living space and gives you a sense of relief, and we continue to make it every day. With this in mind, Koyo-gama pottery is made. I think the characteristic of the Koyo-gama kiln is that it doesn't fit into a specific mold, and that it allows you to relax and enjoy making pottery. Although the pottery uses Arita's traditional dyed nishiki technique, the design and colors have been arranged in a modern style, making it a perfect fit for today's lifestyles. When I think about the presentation of food, I naturally think of dishes that use slightly more stylish ingredients, and I think that's because Mr. Koyo's thoughts are reflected in every aspect of his dishes.

  • Size: W9.3 x D7.6 x H2.6 cm
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Notes: Dishwasher ◯ / Microwave ◯

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