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Speaking of Arita ware, it is a production area that specializes in painting. Such Arita made a seemingly simple series. Why does it have to be made in Arita? When talking about the characteristics of Arita porcelain, of course the painting is one of them, but the high precision is also one of the characteristics. Simple but timeless, timeless items that you want to use for a long time. This series was designed and created with the aim of creating a piece that blends seamlessly into your life without being eccentric.


hibi is not only a tableware, but also an encounter with people and materials, and the blessings of nature. We carefully pursue the "potential of pottery".


BAKEWARE makes oven cooking a daily dish. It's not a special occasion dish, but a tool that you can enjoy while waiting for the oven to bake with the aroma that gradually rises.