today's table

I often talk with Mr. Arita's pottery that the dish is completed by putting the food on it. I'm starting the "Vessels and Cooking" column in the hope that you can actually put food on the tableware sold at realita and use it as a reference for your purchase. It's an irregular update, but I hope I can introduce a life with a vessel that feels the season.

cheese fondue

It's getting cold all of a sudden, and today we're all having cheese fondue at the table. I ate it with various vegetables, but the one that was quite delicious was the grilled zucchini! Maybe gri...

サラダ直火に使えるpot dishを使いました!

I used a pot dish that can be used over an open flame!

I made the beef stew by purchasing delicious meat from Minamihata Meat in Imari, and it turned out to be very delicious. I love turnips, so this is the perfect season for turnips. The recommended ...


French toast

The baguette I bought the other day was a little hard, so I made it into French toast. If the bread itself is delicious, even French toast will be delicious! The kuppi series I used this time is a...